Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break Productivity

One of my goals for Spring Break (and for 2009 in general) is to complete the ongoing video project I have been working on called Rotten Dock.  It is the kind of project I could fuss over for years, and which could stretch on for hours when finished.  I would just as soon neither of those things happened.

The movie concerns my grandparents' house on Harbor View, Marblehead, which was sold in 2007 and demolished in 2008.   The House (caps intentional) played an enormous role in the life our family, and the movie is meant to pay tribute to that, and also to preserve its memory for those too young, or yet unborn, to get a sense of its quirks and pleasures.

I will continue to post new bits here and on YouTube as they become completed.


  1. Well done, Tony! Is the soundtrack Herb Alpert? Justin and I are outraged that the House was demolished. We didn't know until now, and we are sorry for the loss. We have fond memories of hanging out with you and yours there. Morbid curiosity impels me to wonder what travesty of architecture the monsters will try to erect on its grave.

  2. Another great little short. I can't wait until the BIG movie is finished!!